We would like to invite you to have a look at the results of our work in the individual tasks of intelectual outputs of our InCompEdu project. We warmly invite you to share this information with others.

  • IO1 deliverable 1 – Report on identified challenges and problems that occurred during the transition to online teaching mode in the COVID-19 pandemic period.


  • IO1 deliverable 1 – Teacher Stories. Inspiring good practices – a booklet of educator stories.
IO 1_ Deliverable 1_ Review of IT solutions
  • IO2 deliverable 1 – Technical Platform Booklet. Review of available IT solutions for on-line education.
IO 2_ Deliverable 1_ Review of IT solutions


  • 1st Transnational Meeting: Kick-off Meeting (online).
21-04-23 Kick-Off Meeting Report


  • 2nd Transnational Meeting (online).
22-02-15 Transnational meeting 2


  • Report – 1st Multiplier Event. 16th of February 2022.