Project Summary

The InCompEdu project tackles the common challenges in the sudden switch to online teaching at the HEI in the EU, due to COVID-19, by identifying and sharing the good practices, knowledge and experience gained at the partner universities and beyond. The challenges include both mastering of new digital skills and the methodologies of creating and conducting online courses. The project consortium involves 6 academic partners from 6 different countries, that is, Croatia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Romania and Slovenia, led by the University of Gdansk, Poland.

Target Groups

The target groups to be addressed are the community of academic teachers and HEI Authorities responsible for study programmes. These groups have been forced to make rapid changes in course programs and teaching methods. The project’s activities will focus on two aspects, that is, digital competence of academic teachers, and the development of new competences in creation and implementation of online/hybrid courses and innovative curricula.


Regarding the target group of academic teachers, the project will support building their digital competencies in using the IT tools in online higher education through the knowledge gathered and shared by the academic community and experts. The technical possibilities of a variety of platforms will be examined, and the use of individual tools will be demonstrated in practise. Support will be provided in developing of more effective and inspirational curricula for online courses. Regarding the target group of HEI authorities, the project will allow them to gain understanding of the wide range of challenges in online education, concerning not only the technical aspects but also the online classes methodology. Furthermore, the project will promote to exchange of views and building common understanding among those who are responsible for the transition programs on the education system level and those who are responsible for activities and development at the university level. Such initiatives may exist at the university level, but the project activities will strengthen cooperation at the European level.