“1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia (UAB) aims to become an international University, a fundamental institutional development goal for the coming years, given the challenges and inherent risks of the Romanian educational system, but especially for the positive impact determined by this status: the membership in international educational networks strengthens our own development and has a major regional and national impact, it supports the qualitative growth of all institutional, educational and research processes, facilitates the attraction of financial, material and human resources, increases the overall competitiveness of the institution, allows the development of innovation and technological transfer processes, ultimately improving the economy and supporting the regional wealth. In this context, the University must take the role of being the local and regional promoter of innovation, technology transfer, of dynamic integration of the community in the competitive European cultural and economic environment, to meet the requirements of the labour market, to represent increasingly diverse economic fields and the international economic activity. The training of graduates to support these institutional roles, enabling the University to be the main pole of regional sustainable development, means ensuring a qualitative, innovative and modern education, with access to knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies through a reformed and par excellence internationally curriculum, an intercultural and diverse academic environment, tolerant, adaptable and open for the institution’s students.

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Key persons involved in project:

  • Muntean Andreea Cipriana – Associate Professor
  • Pastiu Carmen Adina – Associate Professor
  • Maican Silvia Stefania – Senior Lecturer