The University of Turku is a multi-disciplinary, international research university with 20,000 students and 3,400 staff members. The Sea and Maritime Studies is one of the six thematic entities in the strategy of the University of Turku. The University has 7 faculties and 5 independent units, one of which is the Brahea Centre with its two sub-units, the Centre for Maritime Studies (UTU-CMS) and the Areal Research and Development (ARD) with 50 employees. The Brahea Centre improves the societal effect of research results, the realization of the principle of lifelong learning, and the university’s interaction with its operational environment. The Brahea Centre is highly experienced in coordinating and participating in EU projects, including LLP Leonardo and Erasmus Plus. The UTU-CMS specialises in maritime and logistics related research and education projects and services. The UTU-CMS leads and takes part in various international education and research projects, which are aiming at, for example, smart and green transport solutions, and transparent, uniform quality of maritime vocational education and training that meets the needs of the industry.

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Key persons involved in project:

  • Sari Nyroos
  • Riitta Pöntynen