Univerza na Primorskem (UP), Slovenia’s third public university, was established in 2003 as a centre of knowledge implementing European educational strategies. The main objective of this vibrant university is to carry out high quality study and research programmes, implementing and integrating them with the educational, intellectual and research potential in accordance with EU strategies. UP is a young university, established to satisfy regional demands and needs for quality higher educational programmes in the bilingual area, where Slovenian and Italian cultures are historically intertwined. It also aims to produce a beneficial co-existence and close collaboration with industry. UP provides an active, interdisciplinary research and study environment based on two fundamental pillars: mathematics, natural sciences and technology, and humanities and social sciences. By incorporating both pillars in research and study activities UP achieves improved interdisciplinary collaboration and improved international co-operation with the world’s leading institutions and researchers.

UP consists of six faculties and one research centre. UP employs 426 researchers and 26 technicians within 8 research groups that focus their studies on: Management, Educational Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Biodiversity, Mediterranean Agriculture, Sustainable Use of Wood, Health and Disease Prevention, Tourism, Philosophy, Intercultural Studies, History and Heritage, and Linguistics. At the end of the year 2019 there were 5.149 students included in various programmes at all three levels of education, among them 719 foreign students were enrolled on various educational programmes of UP. There are currently 160 PhD students registered at University. In 2019, 22 students were awarded a PhD. UP has extensive experience in project management, financial, legal and administrative project management, and coordination within various international programs. Over the past three years UP has been involved in 62 international projects. As a leading partner, UP coordinated 7 projects with a total value of € 17 million, most notably the strategic project for establishment of Centre of Excellence for Renewable materials and healthy environments research and innovation – InnoRenew, cofinanced by the Horizon 2020 programme in total value of € 15 milion. In 2019 UP was involved in 52 international research and development projects, including 6 projects in Horizon 2020.

Currently, UP is taking part in 11 national programmes, 28 basic, 1 postdoctoral, 3 applied research programmes and 14 target research programmes. In 2019, UP was involved in 60 scientific-research bilateral projects and was training 17 young researchers, all the above-mentioned activities were financed by National Research Agency (grants were awarded through the national calls). UP also participated at other 13 national research projects.

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Key persons involved in project:

  • Professor Elena Bužan
  • PhD Laura Iacolina
  • Felicita Urzi
  • Sandra Potušek